What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus- Woman's nightmare


Vaginismus is the involuntary contractions that occur during the insertion of examination instruments such as a tampon penis or speculum into the vagina. This contraction can cause pain and a burning sensation. Vaginismus can be primary (from the first attempt at intercourse) or secondary (inability to have sexual intercourse before, but not later). In addition, sometimes it can occur in all situations, that is, both during intercourse, tampon use and gynecological examination, but sometimes it only occurs during sexual intercourse and does not appear during tampon use or examination.


Women with vaginismus often think that they are 'too tight' and in this case, they think that intercourse will be very painful.


In fact, there is no such thing! In a normal sexual intercourse, the vagina becomes wet, slippery and enlarged. However, women with vaginismus describe the relationship like this: They say that there is a wall in that area, or that my partner's penis is too big, it feels like it is going to rupture.


Vaginismus is a learned reflex. Just as our eyelids close when a finger comes close to our eye, the woman closes herself in the attempt to have intercourse.


Women with vaginismus have difficulty expressing these complaints. Vaginismus can vary from feeling uncomfortable during intercourse to not being able to have intercourse at all.


Good News: There is a cure for vaginismus!!

Treatment varies depending on the cause. Most patients improve with counseling and sexual therapy.


Rarely, few patients need surgical operations.


Hope to meet you in healthy days…